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About us

Hello from Music Unveiled! We’re a small team of musicians and designers led by Shane Bowles. We created these video courses from scratch to make real understanding of music available to all and enjoyable.

Our goal is to help kids (and anyone!) make their own music. To us, music achievement isn’t mastering some enormous classical piece for a year—it’s learning to think like all the great composers of every age. Everyone has music in their heart waiting to bless the world! Whether that’s writing, arranging, off the cuff improvising, or reading music—do it all!

We hope you enjoy these skills as much as we do!

- The Music Unveiled Team



"Making your own music takes mental physical fitness. It's understanding how music works and putting in the practice. Music is one of the only activities that lights up the entire brain at once- developing a discipline that unleashes creativity. This fitness helps kids take on everyday challenges and is an outlet for expressing themselves in a way that blesses the world." -Shane Bowles

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