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The surprising (and incredible) thing about video lessons.

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

When I talk about video lessons for youth, one of the first questions I get is, “What about a teacher to check what they’re doing?”

But the surprising (and incredible) thing is that video lessons are even more effective. Yep. Even in my own private teaching, if a student has trouble concentrating, I pull up the video lesson for them. The result? They grab onto it and understand it.


  1. Focus: Students actually focus better on my video lessons than in private lessons. There’s a natural feeling that comes up with a video, that it’s up to them to pay attention. Students search deeper for the content because they know that they can’t just put it back on me by saying, “Huh? What?”

  2. Visual: Videos can portray far more at once than a person can with just two hands. The light-up keyboard and highlighted chords as I speak and play give a complete explanation. Students often tune out to lecturing, but the brain follows better with a visual display.

  3. Check back: Students can rewatch videos. This is a huge plus. With private lessons, students can forget what to do throughout the week, resulting in a lack of practice or practicing wrong. Having a video they can easily check back to avoid this common problem.

  4. Your pace: Learners can go as fast as their motivation drives them. Students aren’t held back at all waiting for their next lesson!

  5. Confidence: Videos create a self-driven, independent learner who is confident they can learn anything they set their mind to.

  6. Cost-effective: Our online course is far more affordable than traditional in-person lessons. They also eliminate the time and expense of commuting.

  7. No geographical limitations: You can enroll in our program wherever you live! You have access anywhere.

  8. Care: The most beautiful thing of all, is when students take their education on their shoulders, it unleashes them to care so deeply about their work.

I know the common mistakes because I’ve worked with kids for over 20 years. Our videos carefully explain how to avoid them. I also teach watchful practice habits to enable our students to go for their full potential as pianists!

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